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Artiste : Pop Unknown
Date : 2003-02-13
Lieu : e-mail

Tim Lasater a répondu à nos questions…Pop Unknown a malheureusement splitté il y a quelques mois….Voici un copier collé de son email :

Dorian… I hate to start off on a bad note… Unfortunately, Pop Unknown
has broken up. About 8 months ago I left the band to pursue other things.
I have been working on my own thing musically since then and should have
something out next year. Joel, Matt and Erick are now in a band called Kissing Chaos thats doing very well here in the states. They have an ep coming out in February.

I’m not sure if you want me to answer these questions knowing that Pop
Unknown is no longer together. At any rate… here goes:

Liability : Why this name ? pop unknown?

Tim Lasater : There was show on TV growing up that was called The Dukes of Hazard. In
the opening scenes there is a sign welcoming everyone to Hazard County, it reads, &Welcomelcom to Hazard County – Pop. Unknown" In this case Pop. is short for population. I also like the fact that pop can be short for popular. If you put that next to unknown it’s two complete opposites. An oxymoron!

Liability : Would you like to be an unknown band ?

Tim Lasater : Well, no. I always thought it was cool to have made something from nothing… a song. Where it comes from I’m not quite sure. But to have come up with something that people all over the world can relate to and enjoy is a great feeling.

Liability : Did you remember of your concert in France at Rennes ? was it good
for you ?

Tim Lasater : We never do quite that well in France in generally. However, that show
was a good one if I remember correctly. The people of France are very
inquknowledgeableknowledgable. This was quite interesting. We were
asked some very political and thoughquestionsing quetions at a party we went
to after the show. Good times!!!

Liability : Do you like to be close in the "emo section" ? How define your music
style ?

Tim Lasater : Pop Unknown is a pop band. Emo is emo. I have no idea if they are the same
thing or not.

Liability : Where do you live ? and do you live of your music ?

Tim Lasater : We all work when we’re home but we are usually doing something musically every day. We live in Austin, TX which is the self proclaimed "live music capital of the world." On any given night there is a good local band playing or someone on tour in Austin. Plenty of music.

Liability : Do you come in France soon ?

Tim Lasater : I don’t have any plans to visit France anytime in the recent future. However, I would love to as soon as I get some recording set and ready.

Liability : Do you like Sum 41 ?

Tim Lasater : They seem to bring the party back into rock!

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