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.:Y.E.R.M.O. :: From Gold Falls a Bad Rain:.

.:Yacht :: See Mystery Lights:.

.:Yadadden, Fred :: The Shadow of a Rose:.

.:Yage :: Anders Leben:.

.:Yakuzi :: Ibai lehorretan itota:.

.:Yamagata, Rachael :: Happenstance:.

.:Yaphet Kotto :: We Bury Our Dead Alive:.

.:Yarn : Moor :: So, I'll Take Your Hand And...:.

.:Yeager, Ian :: Music For Guitar + Computer:.

.:Yeah Yeah Yeahs :: Master EP:.

.:Yeah Yeah Yeahs :: Fever to tell :.

.:Year of the Rabbit :: s/t:.

.:Yellow Magic Orchestra :: Solid State Survivor:.

.:Yellowcard :: Ocean Avenue:.

.:Yesan Damen :: Chronos/Kairos:.

.:Yeti :: Volume, Obliteration, Transcendence:.

.:Yeti Lane :: The Echo Show:.

.:Yokota, Susumu :: Love Or Die:.

.:Yonokiero :: Blue Apples:.

.:You Say Party! We Say Die! :: Lose All Time:.

.:Young , Nate :: Regression:.

.:Young Fathers :: White Men Are Black Men Too:.

.:Young Galaxy :: Ultramarine:.

.:Young Heart Attack :: Mouthfull of love:.

.:Young Republic, The :: Balletesque:.

.:Youngs, Richard :: River Through Howling Sky:.

.:Youngsters, The :: The army of 1-0:.

.:Your Happy End :: Seven Windows For Six Dreamers:.

.:Yppah :: They Know What Ghost Know:.

.:Yubaba Smith & Fortune :: How does it feel:.

.:Yuck :: Glow & Behold:.

.:Yuko :: As If We Were Dancing:.

.:Yules :: Fingerprints #1:.

.:Yules :: Strike A Balance:.

.:Yuppie Flu :: Days before the day:.