.:.Chroniques classées selon la première lettre du nom de l'artiste .:.

.:.Index alphabétique des chroniques.:.

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.:B.Balthazar :: Sweet Receiver ep - Red spider ep:.

.:B.Fleischmann :: I'm Not Ready for the Grave Yet:.

.:B.Fleischmann :: The Humbucking Coil:.

.:B.Fleischmann :: Welcome Tourist:.

.:B.O.F :: Clean:.

.:B.O.F. :: Lost In Translation:.

.:B.O.S :: O-Land:.

.:Babamars :: Babamars:.

.:Babi :: Botanical:.

.:Babils :: Ji Ameeto:.

.:Baby Fire :: No Fear:.

.:Bacanal Intruder :: Cantariolas:.

.:Bad Religion :: The empire strikes first:.

.:Badly Drawn Boy :: It's What I'm Thinking (Part One - Photographing Snowflakes):.

.:Bager, Kenneth :: Fragments From A Space Cadet:.

.:Baghdassarians, Serge - Baltschung, Boris - Bosetti, Alessandro - Doneda, Michel :: Strom:.

.:Baïkonour :: For the lonely hearts of the cosmos:.

.:Bailleau, Christophe :: Cosmet Nihil:.

.:Bajram Bili :: You're a Ghost in a Tipi:.

.:Baka! :: Baka!:.

.:Baker, Aidan :: At The Base Of The Mind Is Coiled A Serpent:.

.:Baker, Aidan :: Dualism:.

.:Balanescu Quartet :: Maria T:.

.:Balanescu Quartet :: This Is The Balanescu Quartet:.

.:Balibar, Jeanne :: Paramour:.

.:Balthazar, Troy von :: ep:.

.:Balthazar, Troy von :: Troy Von Balthazar:.

.:Bambix :: Bleeding In A Box:.

.:Banabila, Michel :: Sound Years:.

.:Bananas At The Audience :: Into The House Of Slumber:.

.:Band of Skulls :: By Default:.

.:Band Of... Blacky Ranchette, The :: Still Lookin' Good To Me:.

.:Bang Gang :: Something Wrong:.

.:Banhart, Devendra :: Little yellow spider:.

.:Banhart, Devendra :: Oh me oh my the way the day goes by the sun is setting dogs are dreaming lovesongs of the christmas spirit:.

.:Banhart, Devendra :: Rejoicing in the hands:.

.:Barbara, Jef :: Contamination:.

.:Bardo Pond :: Ticket Crystals:.

.:Barem :: After the Storm:.

.:Barman, Tom & Van Nueten, Gut :: Live:.

.:Baron, Marc - Denzler, Bertrand - Guionnet, Jean-Luc - Rives, Stéphane :: Propagations:.

.:Barrow, Edward :: The Black Tree:.

.:Bartos, Karl :: Off the Record:.

.:Barwick, Julianna :: Nepenthe:.

.:Barzin :: Notes To An Absent Lover:.

.:Basement Jaxx :: Kish Kash:.

.:Bashung, Alain :: Bleu Pétrole:.

.:Bassdrum :: Cranes And Bones:.

.:Bateleuse :: Ruine & Ravins:.

.:Battant :: As I Ride With No Horse:.

.:Batterie, La :: He Ate A Lamp Now He's A Fan:.

.:Battery Operated :: Re.cord:.

.:Battery Operated + Made :: Aprotic:.

.:Baxters :: Insanity & illusion :.

.:Bayside :: Sirens and Condolences:.

.:BB Brunes :: Blonde Comme Moi:.

.:Beacon :: The Ways We Separate:.

.:Bear Claw :: Refuse This Gift:.

.:Bear Claw :: Slow Speed Deep Owls:.

.:Bear In Heaven :: I Love You, It's Cool:.

.:Beat Pharmacy :: Constant Pressure :.

.:Beaupain, Alex :: Les Chansons D'Amour:.

.:Beautiful Schizophonic, The :: Erotikon:.

.:Beauty Pill :: The unsustainable lifestyle:.

.:Beck :: Guero:.

.:Beck :: Sea Change:.

.:Becker, Tobias :: Trallafitti:.

.:Bed :: Spacebox:.

.:Bédard, Martin :: Topographies:.

.:Bee and Flower :: Suspension:.

.:Bees, The :: Free The Bees:.

.:Behrens, Marc :: Compilation Works 1996-2005:.

.:Behrens, Marc :: Queendom Maybe Rise:.

.:Behrens, Marc & Heyduck, Nikolaus :: Plastic/Metal:.

.:Beirut5 :: A Machinic Exodus:.

.:Bel, Thomas :: The Birds Are Still The Monarchs:.

.:Belasco :: Knowing everyone's okay:.

.:Belfi, Andrea :: Natura Morta:.

.:Belfi, Andrea :: Wege:.

.:Belhom, Thomas :: Maritima:.

.:Belhom, Thomas :: Rocéphine:.

.:Belle and Sebastian :: Dear Catastrophe Waitress:.

.:Belle And Sebastian :: Write About Love:.

.:Belle Epoque :: Belle Epoque:.

.:Belleruche :: 270 Stories:.

.:Belleruche :: Rollerchain:.

.:Belmondos, The :: Always Rumble:.

.:Belone Quartet :: 1802:.

.:Belong :: October Language:.

.:Ben & Jason :: Goodbye:.

.:Ben Butler & Mousepad :: Formed for Fantasy:.

.:Ben Vanhove, Etienne Brachet, Damien Ropars :: Ben Vanhove, Etienne Brachet, Damien Ropars:.

.:Ben's symphonic orchestra :: Drifting:.

.:Benge :: I Am 9:.

.:Benjamin Fincher :: Where the River Goes:.

.:Benoît Paradis Trio :: T'as-tu toute ?:.

.:Bent :: The Everlasting Blink :.

.:Benton Falls :: Fighting Starlight:.

.:Beresford, Steve - Toop, David - Zorn, John - Marshall, Tonie :: Deadly Weapons:.

.:Berezan, David :: Allusions sonores:.

.:Berg Sans Nipple :: Form of...:.

.:Berg Sans Nipple, The :: Build With Erosion:.

.:Berg Sans Nipple, The :: Life if (in four parts):.

.:Berge, Bjorn :: St Slide:.

.:Beridze, Natalie / TBA :: Forget'fulness:.

.:Bernier, Nicolas :: Strings.Lines:.

.:Bernier, Nicolas :: usure.paysage:.

.:Beroshima :: Polyphonication:.

.:Berrocal, Jac / Fenech, David / Tazartès, Ghédalia :: Superdisque:.

.:Bertilsson, Andreas :: Paramount:.

.:Best Coast :: Crazy for You:.

.:Beta Band, The :: Heroes to zeros:.

.:Betsch, Bertrand :: Pas De Bras, Pas De Chocolat:.

.:Betunizer :: Gran Veta:.

.:Beulah :: Yoko:.

.:Bewitched Hands, The :: Birds & Drums:.

.:Bexar Bexar :: Tropism:.

.:Beyond Sensory Experience :: Faint:.

.:Beyond Sensory Experience :: Modern Day Diabolists:.

.:Bezel, Jay :: The Philadelphia Beast Vol.2:.

.:Bibio :: Fi:.

.:Bidner/Martinek :: Friendly Fire:.

.:Bienvenu, Manuel :: Elephant Home:.

.:Biffy Clyro :: The Vertigo Of Bliss:.

.:Big Mike & Statik Selektah :: The Sun Still Rises In The East:.

.:Big Red Button :: Based On True Events:.

.:Big'n :: Dying Breed:.

.:Big'n :: Spare the Horses:.

.:Bigott :: My Friends Are Dead:.

.:Billy Talent :: Billy Talent:.

.:BioChemical Dread :: Bush Doctrine:.

.:Biolay, Benjamin :: Négatif:.

.:Biomass :: Electrozali:.

.:Biosphere :: Autour De La Lune:.

.:Bishop Invaders, The :: Kylie's heroes:.

.:Bishops, The :: For Now:.

.:Bison Bisou :: Régine:.

.:Bizzy B :: Science E.P. Volumes III + IV:.

.:Bjork :: Greatest Hits:.

.:Bjorke, Kasper :: In Gumbo:.

.:Björgulfsson, Heimir & Ohlsson, Jonas :: King Glitch:.

.:Björgulfsson, Heimir / Pimmon / Thorsson, Helgi :: Still Important Somekind Not Normally Seen (Always Not Unfinished):.

.:Björk :: Medulla:.

.:Black Devil Disco Club :: Dub:.

.:Black Devil Disco Club :: Eight Oh Eight:.

.:Black Dice :: Beaches & Canyons:.

.:Black Dice :: Creature Comforts:.

.:Black Dice :: Load Blown:.

.:Black Everest / Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking :: Split LP:.

.:Black Eyed Dog :: Rhaianuledada (Songs To Sissy):.

.:Black Fluo :: Billion Sands:.

.:Black Heart Procession & Solbakken :: In The Fishtank :.

.:Black Kids :: Partie Traumatic:.

.:Black Lipstick :: Converted Thieves:.

.:Black Lung :: The Grand Chessboard:.

.:Black Ox Orkestar :: Ver Tanzt?:.

.:Black Rebel Motorcycle Club :: Take Them On, On Your Own:.

.:Black Strobe :: Chemical Sweet Girl EP:.

.:Black Sun Productions :: Astral Walk:.

.:Black To Comm :: Alphabet 1968:.

.:Black To Comm :: Rückwärts Backwards:.

.:Black, Franck :: Show me your tears:.

.:Blackburn, Manuella :: Formes audibles:.

.:Blake/e/e/e :: Border Radio:.

.:Blaney, Ed feat. Mark E. Smith :: Urban Nature:.

.:Blank, Amanda :: I Love You:.

.:Blectum From Blechdom :: Haus de Snaus:.

.:Blectum, Blevin :: Emblem Album:.

.:Bleech :: Humble Sky:.

.:Bless :: Bless:.

.:Blessure Grave :: Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six:.

.:Blindhead :: Whether that Will Make People Want to Become Archaelogists, We'll Have to See:.

.:Blindhorses :: Ugly Jack:.

.:Blindness :: Senne:.

.:Bloc Party :: Bloc Party ep:.

.:Bloc Party :: Helicopter:.

.:Bloc Party :: Intimacy Remixed:.

.:Bloc Party :: Little Thoughts / Tulips:.

.:Bloc Party :: Silent Alarm:.

.:Bloc Party :: Silent Alarm Remixed:.

.:Blockhead :: Music By Cavelight:.

.:Blockhead :: The Music Scene:.

.:Blonde Redhead :: Equus:.

.:Blonde Redhead :: Misery is a Butterfly:.

.:Blonde Redhead :: Penny Sparkle:.

.:Blood Brothers, The :: Burn piano island, burn:.

.:Bloody Mary :: Black Pearl:.

.:Blue Seeds, The :: s/t:.

.:Blue States :: The Soundings:.

.:Blue Van, The :: The Art Of Rolling:.

.:Blues Explosion :: Damage:.

.:Blueskins, The :: Word Of Mouth:.

.:Blur :: Think Tank:.

.:BMB Con :: CD 10:.

.:Bo :: Bo:.

.:BO, Loïk Dury, Charlie O, Mathieu Dury :: Ni pour ni contre (bien au contraire):.

.:Boards Of Canada :: The Campfire Headphase:.

.:Bobby And Blumm :: Everybody Loves:.

.:Boccardi, Alberto / English, Lawrence :: Split:.

.:Bochum Welt :: R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy):.

.:Bolik :: Old Wave ep:.

.:Bolik :: s/t:.

.:Bondy, Jean-Paul :: The Path Of The Most Resistors:.

.:Bonnie 'Prince' Billy :: Wolfroy Goes to Twon:.

.:Bonnie Prince Billy :: Master And Everyone:.

.:Bonobo :: Dial 'M' For Monkey:.

.:Booka Shade :: More !:.

.:Books Lie :: Hall of fame of fire (+ singles and b-sides):.

.:Books On Tape :: Dinosaur Dinosaur:.

.:Books, The :: Lost and safe:.

.:Boom Bip :: Corymb:.

.:Boom Bip :: Seed to sun:.

.:Boom Bip :: Zig Zaj:.

.:Boozoo Bajou :: Grains:.

.:Boratto, Gui :: Take My Breathe Away:.

.:Boris :: Dronevil:.

.:Boris :: Feedbackers:.

.:Boris with Merzbow :: 04092001:.

.:Borisov, Alexei & Nikkilä, Anton :: Typical Human Beings:.

.:Borko :: Celebrating Life:.

.:Born Ruffians :: Say It:.

.:Bosque Brown :: Baby:.

.:Boss, The :: The Boss:.

.:Bouaziz :: Haïkus:.

.:Bouchard, Christian :: Broken Ground:.

.:Bouhalassa, Ned :: Gratte-cité:.

.:Bovary :: 2030:.

.:Box Codax :: Only An Orchard Away:.

.:Boxer Rebellion, The :: Union:.

.:Boy and the Echo Choir :: It All Shines:.

.:Boy Sets Fire :: Tomorrow Comes Today :.

.:Boys Noize :: Power:.

.:Brad :: Welcome To Discovery Park:.

.:Braille :: Partir:.

.:Brain Damage feat. Black Sifichi :: Burning Before Sunset:.

.:Brakes :: Give Blood:.

.:Branca, Glenn :: Lesson N°1:.

.:Brandlmayr, Dafeldecker, Németh, Siewert :: Die Instabilität Der Symetrie:.

.:Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble, The :: Mr.Machine:.

.:Bravery, The :: The Bravery:.

.:Bravery, The :: The Sun And The Moon:.

.:Bravery, The :: Unconditional EP:.

.:Brazil :: La Fin Du Travail:.

.:Breather Restist :: Split session:.

.:Breeders, The :: Mountain Battles:.

.:Bretschneider + Steinbrüchel :: Status:.

.:Bretschneider, Frank :: EXP:.

.:Breut, Françoiz :: La chirurgie des sentiments:.

.:Breut, Françoiz :: Zoo:.

.:Bright Eyes :: Fevers and Mirrors:.

.:Bright Eyes :: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning:.

.:Bright Moments :: Natives:.

.:Brinks, Stanley :: Dank U:.

.:British Sea Power :: Open Season:.

.:British Sea Power :: The Decline Of British Sea Power:.

.:Broadcast :: Haha sound:.

.:Broadcast :: Tender Buttons:.

.:Broadway :: 06:06 AM:.

.:Broken Bells :: s/t:.

.:Broken Social Scene :: Forgiveness Rock Record:.

.:Broken Social Scene :: You forgot it in people:.

.:Brokesch, Susanne :: Emerald Stars:.

.:Bronnt Industries Kapital :: Hard For Justice:.

.:Bronx, The :: The Bronx:.

.:Bronzed Chorus, The :: Summering:.

.:Brou de Noix :: 000:.

.:Bruit Noir :: I/III:.

.:Brume :: Mother Blast:.

.:Bruni, Carla :: Quelqu'un m'a dit:.

.:BSC, The :: Good:.

.:Buck 65 :: Square:.

.:Buck 65 :: Talkin' Honky Blues:.

.:Budam :: Stories Of Devils, Angels, Lovers And Murderers:.

.:Buddy & The Huddle :: Monument For John Kaltenbrunner:.

.:Buffseeds, The :: The Picture Show:.

.:Bug, Steve :: Collaboratory:.

.:Bug, The :: London Zoo:.

.:Buggy :: Blaesheim Hill:.

.:Build Buildings :: Ceiling Lights From Street:.

.:Build Buildings :: There Is A Problem With My Tape Recorder:.

.:Built To Spill :: There Is No Enemy:.

.:Bumsteinas, Arturas :: Pastoral:.

.:Bunyan, Vashti :: Lookaftering:.

.:Burger , Rodolphe :: No Sport:.

.:Burger, Rodolphe :: Good:.

.:Burger, Rodolphe :: This Is a Velvet Underground Song That I'd Like to Sing:.

.:Burn Hollywood Burn :: Fuck you and die!:.

.:Burnette, Pia & Kubin, Felix :: Detached From All Objects:.

.:Butane + Someone Else :: Little Helpers 05:.

.:Butcher The Bar :: Sleep At Your Own Speed :.

.:Butcher, John / Buck, Tony / Mayas, Magda / Stangl Burkhard :: Plume:.

.:By Coastal Café :: Old Cartoons:.

.:Bästard :: The Acoustic Machine :.